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Standard turn around time is 1 - 3 business days, though most orders ship much quicker.

Same Day / Next Day Rush order processing is available on most orders, for an additional cost. Please add our RUSH ORDER product to your cart along with your transfers.

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Our vibrant full color Direct-to-Film (DTF) Heat Transfers allow anyone from shops small and large right down to crafters and hobbyists to design and print on just about any product! All you need is a heat press (or household iron), a transfer and something to apply it to!

Stop turning away full color print jobs because they're too complicated or costly! Start using DTF Transfers today and see how they can change how your shop does business!

Still weeding heat transfer vinyl? STOP WAISTING YOUR TIME, switch to DTF Transfers TODAY!

Applying the DTF transfers couldn't be easier! Set your heat press to 290F, the time to 12 - 15 seconds and medium pressure to medium-hard.

Our transfers are printed on HOT PEEL film, that means as soon as you open your heat press you can grab the edge of your transfer film and yank it off like a band-aid (once you get the hang of it)!

It is highly recommended to perform a "second press" of the transfer once the film has been removed. Simply cover the printed area with a finishing sheet of your choice (teflon sheet, silcon sheet, kraft paper, parchment paper, tseal sheet) and press the design again for HALF the time. The second press helps further secure the transfer to the shirt and it provides a better finished hand. Different finishing sheets produce different finished results, try them and see what works best for you.

If your transfer is peeling off with the film immediately stop and press it again. Next, remove the garment from the heat press platen and wait for it to cool to the touch and try to peel it again.

Why wasn't I able to hot peel my transfer? There are several variables that could affect your ability to hot peel. The most common issues are incorrect temperature/mis-calibrated temperature, wrong pressure/mis-calibrated pressure or the wrong time spent in the press.

While our film can be cold peeled, it is strongly recommended that you peel it piping hot when possible.

The size of your transfers will depend on your artwork as well as where you'll be placing the transfer.

For example, a print applied to the left breast of an Adult size shirt would be roughly 4x4 but a print applied to the full chest may be 10x10 or to a hat may be 4x2.

After uploading your artwork, our wizard will help guide you to select a size that best fits your artwork.

DTF Transfers can be applied to just about any fabric, including cotton, polyester and even blends.

The fun doesn't stop at just shirts! Transfers can be applied to canvas totes, can koozies, back packs, hats, umbrellas, fabric chair backs, aprons, bibs, wood (yes wood) and much much more!

DTF Transfers are not suitable for cups, tumblers, windows, cars or anything that you cannot use an iron or heat press to apply it to! In these cases UV DTF Prints are a more suitable choice for your application.

Rush order processing is available for most orders, at an additional cost!

If you would like to purchase RUSH ORDER PROCESSING for your gang sheet, please add our Rush Order product to your cart, along with your gang sheet.

Rush orders placed after 1pm EST will be treated as Next-Day orders.